Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Journey Begins - 34ish days until Alaska

My name is Kirsten, and on January 25, 2014 I will be flying off to Alaska for a two month teaching internship. I will be working in Golovin, Alaska which is a small village waaay north from my dinky hometown in Wisconsin.

Thank you internet for this picture.

ALSO: I graduated on Saturday!

I am now almost legal to teach your children.

Even though I walked across the stage yesterday, it still does not feel like I actually graduated. I still have to finish up my student teaching in January. However, I do feel that graduating is my first step towards Alaska. Although I am not at all ready to leave Wisconsin yet. Even though I come from a land of harsh winters, I am going to a land of even harsher winters so I need to get real snow gear. 

Trying on snow pants not in the middle of a store.

The above pants were not a hit. I will most likely be getting snow gear designed for men, because all of the "girl gear" as I call it does not look like it could withstand a small breeze. I did find a nice thick jacket that I am waiting to get at an outlet mall, so hopefully I will be able to find more gear that a poor college gal like myself can afford.

There was a lot of snow today, so to prepare myself for Alaska I went outside and played in it with my dog, Henry. He was very happy, but even more so to come inside and cuddle afterwards.

He may have missed me while I was at school.

This week I will most likely be spending hundreds of dollars on snow gear and panicking about what else I should pack. It should be a very relaxing Christmas.

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