Friday, March 21, 2014

The Iditarod

The night the Iditarod leaders came through a teacher and I stayed up all night in her room waiting to see them. She had purchased the GPS tracking for watching the mushers come in, so we knew where they were going to be at what time (pretty much). We stayed up until about 4:30 am before Jeff King came through, and Aliy Zirkle wasn't too far behind him.

I got bootie. 

Aliy's dogs got tangled around some wires, which was cool to see. She just laughed and got them untangled. I was glad to see she had a good sense of humor about it, especially for trying to get first place. When she left, there were two booties left behind and I got one! It is currently living in my jacket pocket right now because otherwise Merlynne tries to eat it.

Making it across the ice

The dogs had a really hard time getting across our bay because of the ice. The sleds kept fishtailing or getting stuck. Some of the dog's feet were bloody by the time they reached our shore. It was sad to see that, but they kept going because their next rest was White Mountain - which isn't too much further from Golovin.

Tiny musher

One of the mushers stopped in town to get food and to let his dogs rest after the bay. The kids got really excited and loved looking at the dogs. One of them even climbed on his sled.


As soon as the sled stopped, the dogs laid down and slept. They must have been exhausted.

Going through town.
 One of the mushers, Kelly Maixner, scratched out on our bay one evening. It was too icy and too windy. His dogs couldn't get across the bay. One of the villagers had to drive out and get him. Kelly stayed in the school for a night.

Snow bike

It was interesting to me that some people bike the Iditarod trail. Some of the bikers stayed in the school, too. Their bikes were crazy!

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