Sunday, March 9, 2014


This past week was regionals for basketball, so we only had five students total on the secondary side. It was a lot of fun because we did a collaborative unit on volcanoes. We made our own volcanoes, which the kids absolutely loved. We also visited the elementary side and helped them with a coin counting activity as well as made anemometers. 

Chillin' in the middle of the bay. No big deal.

One of the other teachers, my neighbor, and I have been going for walks every day this past week. It has been very fun and nice to get out of the house. I enjoy talking to my neighbor. She is from Hawaii and was in the army, so she has lots of interesting stories!

Found a bike.

This week is spring break. I plan on sleeping in and working on a library project I have started at the school. I might go to White Mountain, another village, with some teachers later on this week.

Waiting for our walking buddy to come out of the store.

The Iditarod is going to be coming through here either tonight or tomorrow - I can't wait! I did meet one of the men who is biking the Iditarod trail. He was British and seemed very cold and tired. It was super neat.

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