Tuesday, March 18, 2014

White Mountain

So, events are going to be out of order in my blog. I wanted to get a post up before I lost track of time. I will have a post more about the Iditarod later. I want to share all of my pictures and I even have some video!

But first I'll tell you all about my spring break.

Over spring break I visited another village and drove a snowmachine (snowmobile) for the first time. The village, White Mountain, is just a 30-45 minute snowmachine drive away from Golovin. It is actually the village I thought I would like to be placed at before I got to Alaska (don't tell anyone in Golovin! ;) ) Although, now I wouldn't trade being at Golovin for anything. Darn kids winning me over!

White Mountain

White Mountain was very nice. I went with two other teachers and we stayed with the guidance counselor who floats between our schools. The store in White Mountain was a lot bigger and had slightly better prices. The items on my receipt were also consistently priced and didn't feel completely random. However, still more expensive than Wisconsin.

I could look at this all day.

I had a few spills in/on the way to White Mountain. On the way there I drove a snowmachine, which I also flew off of accidentally after going over a big bump. I am actually kind of surprised I didn't break or sprain anything, but I did bruise my elbow really badly. I was going to post a picture but the bruise doesn't photograph well.

While in White Mountain we climbed a very steep hill to look at beautiful things, and I also may have fallen down while going up the hill. It was very icy.

Food waiting for mushers to come.

White Mountain was a stop on the Iditarod. I got to see where the mushers slept as well as all of the dogs. I think there were ten there at once at one point!

Resting puppies

They were the last bit of the Iditarod I got to see. It was sad that it had to end - I enjoyed watching all of the mushers come through. The dogs were so cute. I did worry about their health a little bit, but it seemed like all of the mushers I heard put their dogs' health above their own. They care so much about their dogs.


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