Thursday, January 30, 2014

Flying in Bush Alaska

Flying to Unalakleet was an interesting experience. I didn't get a picture of my plane to Golovin, which was even smaller than this plane, but before that flight this was the smallest plane I had ever been on.

Tiny plane!

It was a much bumpier ride on this plane than the large commercial flights I had been on. I honestly felt a little sick, but looking out the window helped.

Looking at the scenery/propellers.

Powdered sugar piles.

There were two flight attendants on this flight. Snacks and beverages were offered - I didn't take any because I wasn't feeling too well.

The airport.

Getting off the plane in Unalakleet!

It was very windy in Unalakleet. If there were no wind it would be very warm, but the high winds made it a little chilly walking around.

Grabbing our luggage from the mud pit.

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