Friday, January 24, 2014

One Day More

I leave tomorrow for Alaska. I leave Milwaukee at 12:45 pm and get to Anchorage at 10:50 pm. Long day of travel (even taking into account the time difference).

Save travels, food!

This past week I have been packing and getting ready to go. I sent some packages of food up to Golovin so I won't have to worry about getting groceries in Anchorage.

Wow, it looks just like a suitcase full of stuff.

I'm not really nervous about travelling or anything yet. That will probably kick in tomorrow once I'm on the first plane. I am fairly certain I have everything I will need. If not, oh well! I'm sure if I haven't thought have packing it I don't actually need it. The things I really need I can't pack anyway - family, friends, and pets.

Javerna is ready for her Alaskan journey.

I am excited to get to Golovin and start meeting everyone. It should be an amazing two months!


  1. And by Javerna's "Alaskan Journey" you mean "sleeping on the wolf blanket in Kirsten's room every day."

  2. God bless & take care! We know it will be a good experience. Gina was in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps & worked at Bean's Cafe, a homeless shelter in Anchorage, AK. Let me know if the area is Yupik or Inuit. Love, Donna My email is