Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chilling in Unalakleet

The building where we slept.

Unalakleet is where the district office to the school district is located. The store is stocked pretty well with things like cheese, meat, and Twinkies. If you need something, the store probably has it.

Worth it?

There is a yummy pizza place in town called Peace on Earth where we ate twice and they catered sandwiches for us another time. A large pizza was $36. If I was there, it would be totally worth it.

A pretty good snapshot of what Unalakleet looked like.

There were a lot of dogs in Unalakleet. All of the dogs were very friendly and wanted you to pet them. One dog even laid on my feet to try and get out of having to go inside. You could probably walk around the entire town in about 20 minutes.

Our last evening there some of us walked on the beach and watched the sunset. It was absolutely beautiful. There was driftwood, trash, and bones everywhere on the beach.

I was super willing to touch bones for some scary reason.

A beautiful 5 o'clock sunset.

After a pizza dinner, the interns got together and played games for one last time.


  1. I enjoy the fact that you are an English teacher. I also respect your photojournalistic skills, and I certainly admire your adventure in that environment.The beautiful 5 o'clock sunset photograph reminds me on the ones Denise took on Lake Superior, MN, at Larsmont, north of Duluth. It's actually 5 degrees right now. That's incredibly warm. Hostess Twinkies are $8.15 I wouldn't even them if they were free. Love, Donna Ranelli Gregory,

  2. Awesome pic of you with the bone! Love looking through these. :)