Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Golovin at Last

A friend I made at the airport.

I have officially been to the smallest airport ever and on the smallest plane ever. I got on the plane and sat next to the pilot. It was a quiet 45 minute plane ride to Golovin, mostly because I was terrified if I said anything the pilot would get distracted and crash.

Right outside my door.

When I got on the plane the pilot said "Okay, so you've been on one of these before - the two exits are here and the fire extinguisher is right there." And then we took off. The two exits were the doors next to me and the fire extinguisher was in between us. I had also never been on a tiny plane before.

Goodbye, sun.

The flight was actually very enjoyable and smooth. I was picked up from the airport (I use that term loosely ;) ) by the principal's husband. When I got to the school, the janitor played a trick on me and told me that he sent my luggage to Unalakleet. He thought it was hilarious and kept up the ruse all day. I believed him, but I did not freak out like he wanted me to.

Hello, neighbors.

I have been here since last Wednesday and  am enjoying Golovin so far. It is very pretty, and am told it only gets prettier when it actually snows.


  1. There's not even snow? What the what?

  2. We have snow here in Teller, we are northwest of Golovin, but not much.