Thursday, February 27, 2014

You Can Count on Me

The song by Bruno Mars called "Count on Me" has been in my head lately because it is the song we are using for the morning meeting. Every morning the students gather in the gym and dance to a song, say the pledge, and hear any announcements from the principle. I think it is fun, but some of the boys act like they are too cool for it. I have a feeling they'll miss it after they graduate though. That's usually how those things go.

Teaching in a small, rural school can be a challenge. Last week students were pulled from class to go to the dentist. So one day my class of three students was down to two because one person was sick, and then the other two got pulled to go to the dentist. So I planned lessons on my own for a class period.

Another view of Golovin

I also had to sub for another teacher because the substitute was sick. So I taught in various rooms throughout the day because three of us switched rooms to teach various classes. It was sort of nice to be doing different things throughout the day.

My largest class here has about 10 students and my smallest class has 3.

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  1. Imagine having to move room to room when the art classes involve different art supplies, "Art on a cart." Then one day our principal declared on the public address system, "Would the non-academic wing please come to the auditorium, or gym for the assembly" and her husband taught art at the Minneapolis Academy of Art & Design!